Case Study

Universal Music

Results: 2 Million+ Views in 20 days.

The Goals:-

  1. Expand the awerness of Gentle Bones’s albums.
  2. Capture unprecedented engagements.

The Approach:-

  1. Begins with a Comprehensive campaign with an emphasis on targeted YouTube advertising and communication strategy to drive out the maximum awareness.
  2. With DoubleClick Programmatic YouTube Ads and Optimization techniques, we are able to produce some unprecedented results.

The Results:-

  1. 29K likes in 20 days.
  2. 490 comments in 20 days.
  3. Achieved Total Views: 2 Million+


YouTube Ads

Used DoubleClick Bid Manager to launch and manage targeting of YouTube campaigns across TrueView

  1. Cost per View: SGD0.01
  2. View Rate: 78.9%
  3. Total Views: 2 Million+

Digital Marketing

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E-commerce Transactions



Client Stories

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Industry : Insurance

300% Increment in Sales in 12 Weeks

Industry : Video On Demand

80% Increment in App Downloads

Industry : Telecommunications

Search CPC reduced by 150%

Industry : Music & Entertainment

2 Million+ YouTube Views in 20 Days

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