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Get More Leads & More Sales

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Digital Marketing Services

Certified Programmatic Marketing Partner of DoubleClick by Google

Performance Marketing


Only pay for results using the power of performance marketing

  • Lead Generation
  • ROI-Based Sales
  • SEO / Google Ads
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • SMS / WhatsApp Marketing

Social Media


Our philosophy is simple: social media is where the people are.

  • Social Monitoring & Listening
  • Social Outreach
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Community Management

Creative Design


We provide successful content marketing services at price-competitive rates.

  • Website Design
  • SEO-friendly Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Graphic Design

Web Analytics


Understanding your consumer behaviour
(what they are searching for & doing),
is crucial to improving marketing effectiveness.

  • Analytics Set Up
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Custom Attribution Models
  • Custom Automated Reporting

Your marketing
data is talking.

Are you listening?

  • How do you drive business growth with limited resources?
  • How do you know you’re addressing your audience effectively?
  • How do you prepare for emerging industry trends?

Unleash the answers from within your data. Adlumino - digital marketing agency centralises all your marketing data for the way modern marketers work today, so anyone can explore, analyze and make more informed decisions, all in one place.

Qualified Leads Generated


E-commerce Transactions


Only Pay For Results

Using The Power Of Performance Marketing

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Our Experience

Some of our recent experiences working with:

  • Believe in partners, not clients
  • Believe in making informed decisions
  • Rethink digital marketing with flavour of analytics

Our Portfolios

Stop guessing and start connecting with your real customers like them

Tune Protect Malaysia

Insurance Industry - Malaysia

  1. 300% Increase in Sales
    (over the span of four months)
  2. 340% Increase in Web Traffic
    (over the span of four months)
  3. 46.6% Increase in Facebook Page Like.
    (over the span of four months)

Digi Telecommunications

Telecom Industry - Malaysia

  1. Search CPC Reduced by 150%
    (over the span of two months)
  2. Facebook CPC Reduced by 433%
    (over the span of two months)
  3. CPA Reduced by 55%
    (over the span of two months)

Education Malaysia Global Services

Education Industry - Malaysia

  1. 12,000+ Leads
    (240% of our target)
  2. 6.39% Avg conversion rate
    generated by our activity
  3. RM55 CPA
    (45% below MY industry avg.)

Hotlink - Malaysia

Telecom Industry - Malaysia

  1. 1,744 Campaign participants
    generated by our activity
  2. RM 0.55 Cost per click
    (60% below MY industry average)
  3. 120 Million+ Impressions
    with key audiences across the MY

Universal Music Group

Entertainment Industry

  1. 30 Million+ views
    with key audiences across the MY
  2. 76% View-through-rate
    (76% above MY industry avg.)
  3. RM 0.07 Cost per view
    (89% below MY industry avg.)

Chevrolet - Malaysia

Automotive Industry

  1. 138K Website visits
    with key audiences across the MY
  2. 198k Interactions on ads
    (average 3.2% interaction rate)
  3. RM 0.61 Cost per click
    (56% below MY industry average)

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