Case Study

Tune Protect Group

Tune Protect Group operates both Digital Global Travel Insurance and General Insurance businesses in Malaysia (Tune Protect Malaysia), Thailand (Tune Protect Thailand) the United Arab Emirates (Tune Protect EMEIA - Europe, Middle East, India and Africa).

300% Increment in sales in 12 Weeks

The Goals:-

  1. Expand the exposure of Tune Protect insurance products towards Targeted Audience.
  2. Capture unprecedented sales result.

The Difficulty:-

  1. Tune Protect is a newborn Insurance Company with very little exposure.
  2. Media Budget was very low.
  3. Abysmal level of Online Insurance penetration in Malaysia.

The Approach:-

  1. Begins with a Comprehensive campaign with the emphasis on targeted advertising and communication strategy to drive out the maximum awareness.
  2. With Right Digital Media Strategy and Optimization techniques, we are able to produce some unprecedented results.
  3. Attribution Model is developed to figure out the performance of different marketing Channels which proves beneficial in understanding consumer journey.

The Results:-

  1. 300% increase in Sales in last 90 days.
  2. 340% increase in Website Traffic in last 90 days.
  3. 46.6% increase in Facebook Fan base.



  1. Organic Traffic Increase by 600%
  2. Conversion Rate Increase by 40%
  3. SEO Improvement : Alexa Web Rank Increased from 21,358 to 8,578

Custom Analytics


  1. Implemented Enhanced Ecommerce
  2. Finding The Dropout with GA’s Shopping Cart Analysis
  3. Fixing The Funnel Gap
  4. Re-markting to The Dropout Audience

OVERALL content strategy


sequential branding creatives

  1. Personalised the branding messages to establish a relationships with audience
  2. Encourage the lead to purchase
  3. Target the lead’s pain points
  4. Explain how travel insurance would make the lead’s life better



  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Brand Re-marketing
  3. Product Re-marketing
  4. Custom Audience / Similar Audience Targeting
  5. Custom Attribution To Redistribute The Budget

RESULTS achieved

Client Stories

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