Case Study

Digi Telecommunications

Digi Telecommunications or Digi.Com Berhad, is a mobile service provider in Malaysia. Its largest shareholder is Telenor ASA of Norway with 49%.

Search CPC reduced by 150%

The Goals:-

  1. Expand the exposure of Digi Telecommunications broadband towards Targeted Audience.
  2. Capture unprecedented sales result.

The Difficulty:-

  1. Media Budget was very low.
  2. Awareness of Mobile Broadband was too low in Malaysia.

The Approach:-

  1. Begins with a Comprehensive campaign with the emphasis on targeted advertising and communication strategy to drive out the maximum awareness.
  2. With Right Digital Media Strategy and Optimization techniques, we are able to produce some unprecedented results.
  3. Attribution Model is developed to figure out the performance of different marketing Channels which proves beneficial in understanding consumer journey.

The Results:-

  1. Search CPC reduced by 150%
  2. Facebook CPC reduced by 433%
  3. CPA reduced by 55%.



  1. Search CPC reduced by 150%
  2. Facebook CPC reduced by 433%
  3. Display CPC reduced by  343%



  1. Not Only Reduce The CPC but Also Secure Best Place in Search Results
  2. 82.23% Top of Page Rate
  3. Avg. Position Secured to 1.3
  4. HighestSearch Impressions Share Among The Competitors



  1. Increased CTR by 100%
  2. CPC Reduced from RM9.21 to RM0.78
  3. CPA Reduced from RM34 to RM4.05



  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Brand Re-marketing
  3. Product Re-marketing
  4. Custom Audience / Similar Audience Targeting
  5. Custom Attribution To Redistribute The Budget

RESULTS achieved

22 million







Avg. CPA

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Industry : Insurance

300% Increment in Sales in 12 Weeks

Industry : Video On Demand

80% Increment in App Downloads

Industry : Telecommunications

Search CPC reduced by 150%

Industry : Music & Entertainment

2 Million+ YouTube Views in 20 Days

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